The Geester

Some of my Interests

The parents are Welsh and gave me a Welsh first name "Geraint" have been intrigued by the orgins of the name after hearing the was a cousin of King Arthur called 'Sir Geraint' and place in Wales called "Geraint Hill"

Moel-y-Geraint (Geraint Hill) appears to be near Llangollen, also know as Barber Hill after the hanging of Barber of LLangollen on the hill around 1739.

The name of Geraint ab Erbin is familiar in ancient Welsh literature through the beautiful Elegy composed by his fellow warrior, the venerable bard Llywarch Hen. Geraint was a Prince of Dyvnaint (Devon) and a member of the King Arthurs Round Table he and supposedly fell fighting valiantly against the Saxons, under Arthur's banner, in the battle of Llongborth.

Geraint ab Erbin has had the honour of being canonized. It is said that a church was dedicated to him at Caerffawydd, or Hereford. Four of his sons, Selyf, Cvngan, Iestin, and Cado, or Cataw, are also included in the list of Saints, and were members of the college of St. Garmon. Garwy, another of his sons, appears in a very different character from his brothers, in the Triads, where he is celebrated as one of the three amorous and courteous knights of the Court of Arthur.

St Geraint of Dumnonia, King & Martyr (Also known as Geromtius) Died 508(?). Saint Gerontius of Damnonia (Devon) and his wife Enid were the subjects of romantic legends. He died in battle against the Saxons. There is another King Saint Gerontius of Cornwall, who died in 596. One of these saints is the patron of Saint Gerrans in Cornwall and Saint Geran in Brittany (Benedictines). Geraint was believed to be influential in bringing the British (Celtic) and Roman church (which the Saxons then followed) closer together